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Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener

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Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener | Garage Door Repair Kyle, TX

A garage door opener is a wonderful device that can enhance the security of your home and make your day to day coming and going activities a lot more convenient. This type of device is comprised of several parts, including a motor, a drive system, and safety sensors. These components require regular maintenance in order to stay functional, and will eventually need to be repaired due to the wear and tear they go through. However, there may come a time when fixing a problem with your opener will be more expensive than simply replacing it with a new model. Actually, there are a few reasons that may make it worth your while to replace your opener even before the entire unit breaks apart completely.

  1. It's Getting Up There In Years

    This is the most common reason for replacing an opener. When some major part, like the circuit board or the motor gear, breaks down unexpectedly, it will need to be replaced with a new component. The older the opener is, the less likely is it that there are going to be suitable replacement parts available for it. Either that, or actually getting the right parts for that specific unit can be incredibly expensive, and not worth it. At that point, getting a new unit will be the recommended choice.
  2. New Modern Controls

    With things like Wi-Fi connectivity, it can be easy to understand why some people would choose to get their opener replaced even though it's still functional. Using your remote control to operate your garage door is considered the old fashioned way by today's standards. With things like the MyQ and Aladdin Connect smartphone compatibility kits, homeowners can open and close their garage door using nothing other than their trusty smartphones. This internet connectivity feature can allow you to not only operate the door from anywhere with Wi-Fi, or with cell reception.
  3. The Perfect Backup

    That's all well and good, but what happens when the power goes out, you may ask? Sure all the fancy technology wouldn't be worth a hill of beans if its power supply got cut away abruptly. Of course, there is a solution. Getting a backup battery system. However, some openers may not be perfectly suited for such a feature, especially if they use an AC motor. In the last few years, residential garage door opener manufacturers have started to prefer to utilize DC motors in their units, due to the quieter performance and optimized start/stop function that they offer, which subsequently makes them much more suitable to be fitted with a backup battery.

Worth An Upgrade

These are just a few of the reasons opener replacement may be worth considering. Just remember, the installation process is complex and can cause problems later on if it isn't performed precisely. Let our experts at Garage Door Repair Kyle help you find the best new opener for your specific needs and then install it for you.


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